Allotment Gardening

Growing in Straw Bales

The intention is to grow some bush tomatoes in the straw bales, helping to keep the fruits of the ground, and to provide some rotted straw for the compost heap at the end of the season.

Crop Protection Method

Most vegetable growers have to use some form of protection from the local wildlife for their crops. My two main pests are pigeons and pheasants. Either one can totally eradicate a fresh planting of brassicas, even before I’ve put the

My Allotment the Ugly Bits

What every allotment gardener knows, or soon learns, is that what some people class as rubbish can quite often have a second or third use by an imaginative allotmenteer. Over the years I’ve put this idea to great use and

A late start to the season is not all bad

Over the last few months even the most dedicated veg grower has had to dig deep to muster any enthusiasm to venture on to the plot. After a very disappointing and wet season last year, combined with what seems to

National Potato day

National Potato Day raises awareness of the need to protect the diversity of British potatoes, and gives gardeners the opportunity to be more adventurous with the varieties they grow.

Soil Capping

Soil capping is the forming of a hard surface crust in the top 1 to 10 mm of bare cultivated soils. Caused by heavy rainfall on exposed bare land, the surface structure of the soil breaks down under the continual