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Victorian Kitchen Garden

Victorian Kitchen garden Dvd coverFirst screened in 1987, The Victorian Kitchen Garden series follows, life long gardener, Harry Dodson, as he restores a near derelict walled kitchen garden. Presented by Peter Thoday, the series is a delight to watch. The demonstration of the basic gardening techniques used when the gardens were in full production are all sill relevant to today’s allotment gardener, even though we may use slightly more modern products.

The ‘easy laid back, all the time in the world’ style of presentation is a refreshing change from today’s ‘I’m a celebrity gardener, follow me on twitter, read my blog!’ gardening program presentations.

The programs are in twelve parts January to December, making it a very easy format to jump in and out of. Great for jogging the memory of what might need doing for the coming months.

Found a little snippet on YouTube:-

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