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Vegetable Planner

Making a plan of the vegetable plot not only helps with what to sow and where to plant it, but allows you to experiment with the lay out, to maximise the potential of your particular situation and get the best from your crops.

This is all well and good, but the task of sitting down with pen and paper, and repeatedly drawing the plan out until I got it right, always seemed to me as a task that could wait till tomorrow.

I found a solution when I visited the website of Jeremy Dore. This guys site allows gardeners to use a simple interactive tool to produce detailed vegetable garden plans in a matter of minutes.

The tool is simplicity its self, no software to install on your computer, just punch in the dimensions of your veg plot, click on the vegetable image along the top of the page and drag it to your plan.

To test out the garden planner your self visit

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