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Vegetable Growing

How to grow veg or any thing for that matter is not an exact science. Every one’s situation is different. The variables that can effect how a seed germinates or a plant grows are too numerous to list.
In my view the only way to learn how to get the best from your plants is to experiment, its amazing what conditions plants will tolerate and still grow on to give good crops.

An understanding of the very basic requirements for growing vegetables is always needed at the outset and a  good general overview of allotment growing, coupled with a more detailed plant specific reference source will give you the foundations to develop your own way of growing

Remember there is not set time of the year to start sowing seeds or planting out, its down to the conditions that you can provide and the time you can spare to tend them as they grow, but if in doubt give it a go.

On the sub-categories under the heading of this page I’ve out-lined some techniques that work for me, some are near text book growing methods, others are a little different, I hope you find them of use.

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