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Titchmarsh has access to W.M.Ds?

It was announced earlier this week that the ever popular TV gardener, writer and broadcaster, Alan Titchmarsh is to join forces with the UK’s largest garden centre, B&Q.

On his website  Alan Titchmarsh.com, Alan says of the partnership, “I am passionate about getting Britain gardening – it’s a practical way of doing our bit for our own health and that of the planet”.

Ground Force presentersMany gardeners will remember the last time Alan was associated with DIY and Gardening, when in 1997 he lead the team of gardener Charlie Dimmock, builder Tommy Walsh and his assistant Will Shanahan in the BBC series Ground Force.

In the five years that he was in the show no garden fence was safe from being painted blue (Titchmarsh blue) and British gardens groaned under the weight of wooden decking.

So whats in store for Britains gardens? now that he has access to


We can only wait and see, but gardeners of England, be prepared, be very prepared.

If Alan Titchmarsh has his way, your going to be busy this season.


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