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The gardening year so far

Allotment DiaryEither through the cold weather, rain soaked ground or just lack of enthusiasm, the first two months of the year are usually none events with regards to gardening in my neck of the woods.
On the odd fine days, essential maintenance on the compost bins got finished, the chicken hut got a thorough cleaning, in preparation for its new arrivals this month (march) and the shed got a good tidy.

16th January
Peas poor germinationThe waiting too sow some seeds got the better of me, early peas (Feltham First), broad beans (Aquadulce) and some early main crop onions (Arthur), were all sown in modules covered with a plastic propagator lid in the cold greenhouse.

Germination of the broad beans was 100%, as would be expected, but the peas and onions really suffered from the cold temperatures, so only 40% success with them.
More staggered sowings will be made at the beginning of march when the night time temperature is better.

24th February
clocheGood gardening weather, managed to get a few rows of early carrots in the ground (variety – Early Nantes). These will be under my new home made cloches for quite some weeks yet, but so long as the weather isn’t too unkind I should be harvesting¬† tender young carrots by the middle of may. This variety of carrot is not the best for flavour, but is still far better than the orange pieces of wood that are in most shops.

28th February
allotment-burglarSpring must be just around the corner, the allotment site foot paths are ankle deep in mud, a consequence of heavy rains and busy allotment holders.
We had our first visit from the allotment thieves during the night. This seems to be an annual thing lately, but at least they were disturbed this time so fewer sheds were broken into and very little taken.


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