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Garden Cloche

A garden cloche is invaluable to the allotment gardener. Whether used to warm the soil and get a head start on the sowing season, or protect tender vegetables from cold temperatures. The cloche doesn’t need to be an elaborate structure,

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Diary-March 2011

What a month! Never know a March so warm and dry, hardly any rain what so ever.The day time temperature has been in the middle to high teens most days (a lot higher in the sunshine), although we had some

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Vegetable Growing Month-by-Month: The down-to-earth guide

veg growing month by month

Medwyn Williams, Chairman of the National Vegetable Society, and member of the Fruit and Vegetable Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society. solid words of advice in plain English… It will certainly have a place on my extensive gardening book shelf.

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The Expert Vegetable Notebook

vegetable notebook

The Expert series is essential reading for all gardeners. –The Sunday Telegraph, 2008 Growing your own food has become one of the nation’s most popular pastimes – in 2008 sales of vegetable seeds exceeded sales of flower seeds for the

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Potato and Tomato Blight

Potato and Tomato blight is caused by the same fungal organism (Phytophthora infestans) This is the scourge of commercial potato growers and can devastate a hole seasons crop for the allotment gardener. The disease over winters in infected tubers that

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May in the veg plot

allotment diary 2010

May on the allotment or in the vegetable garden can be very frustrating, the weather can be ‘high summer one day and then ‘mid winter’ the next. Gardeners have to be on their guard to cover tender crops that will

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