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Diary-March 2011

What a month! Never know a March so warm and dry, hardly any rain what so ever.The day time temperature has been in the middle to high teens most days (a lot higher in the sunshine), although we had some

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Potato and Tomato Blight

Potato and Tomato blight is caused by the same fungal organism (Phytophthora infestans) This is the scourge of commercial potato growers and can devastate a hole seasons crop for the allotment gardener. The disease over winters in infected tubers that

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Grow Your Tomatoes Upside Down

topsy turvy toms

The idea may seem a little strange, well all right it’s a lot strange, but 10 million American gardeners can’t all be wrong (or can they). Click to zoom The┬árevolutionary Topsy Turvy tomato planter that is set to flood Britain

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