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A late start to the season is not all bad

Over the last few months even the most dedicated veg grower has had to dig deep to muster any enthusiasm to venture on to the plot. After a very disappointing and wet season last year, combined with what seems to

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National Potato day

National Potato Day raises awareness of the need to protect the diversity of British potatoes, and gives gardeners the opportunity to be more adventurous with the varieties they grow.

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Chitting Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes. These are the tuberous growths on the roots of the potato plant. Grown in disease free conditions and harvested before maturity. Stored in a controlled environment until conditions are right for planting the following season.   Chitting Seed

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Diary-March 2011

What a month! Never know a March so warm and dry, hardly any rain what so ever.The day time temperature has been in the middle to high teens most days (a lot higher in the sunshine), although we had some

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Potato and Tomato Blight

Potato and Tomato blight is caused by the same fungal organism (Phytophthora infestans) This is the scourge of commercial potato growers and can devastate a hole seasons crop for the allotment gardener. The disease over winters in infected tubers that

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