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Allotments Under Threat

The government is carrying out a wide ranging review of local authorities statutory duties. One of these duties is to provide land for the use of allotments, if there is sufficient call from local people.   As we all know

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Support Your Local Horticultural Show

Local horticultural shows have been on the decline for many years in some areas, and even with the revived popularity of  ‘Growing Your Own’  lots of gardeners seem reluctant to venture near, which is such a pity. If you’ve never

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Grow Your Tomatoes Upside Down

topsy turvy toms

The idea may seem a little strange, well all right it’s a lot strange, but 10 million American gardeners can’t all be wrong (or can they). Click to zoom The revolutionary Topsy Turvy tomato planter that is set to flood Britain

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Pledge to G.Y.O at the R.H.S

The Royal Horticultural Society has launched its yearly campaign to get the nation growing. Their plan is encourage people to experience the delights that gardening and especially growing fruit and veg can bring. Pledging to take up the growing mantle

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Titchmarsh has access to W.M.Ds?

It was announced earlier this week that the ever popular TV gardener, writer and broadcaster, Alan Titchmarsh is to join forces with the UK’s largest garden centre, B&Q. On his website  Alan, Alan says of the partnership, “I am

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