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An Organic Guide for Beginners [Paperback]

allotment gardening book

Allotment Gardening is a practical guide to growing your own fruit and vegetables organically. Aimed at those who have not had an allotment before, or are new to growing their own, it is packed with advice -from choosing and planning

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6 Basic Rules For Better Vegetables

1 Early Digging If you intend to sow or plant in spring, the time to start digging is late Autumn or early winter, when the soil is not overly wet and sticky. Choose a spade that is the right size

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October in The Veg Plot

Harvest or protect  crops that may be susceptible to frost. Clear away any remaining summer crop debris and place on the compost heap, the larger the quantity, the better as this helps the heap to warm up and accelerate the

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Vegetable Growing Month-by-Month: The down-to-earth guide

veg growing month by month

Medwyn Williams, Chairman of the National Vegetable Society, and member of the Fruit and Vegetable Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society. solid words of advice in plain English… It will certainly have a place on my extensive gardening book shelf.

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Herb and Vegetable Gardening: The Definitive Guide to Growing and Harvesting Herbs and Vegetables (Paperback)

herb and veg gardening

This is an information-packed reference book for anyone wishing to grow their own edible garden, whether they have space only for a few pots on a balcony or a dedicated vegetable patch. Elegantly designed and lavishly illustrated throughout with step-by-step,

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