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Soil Capping

Soil capping is the forming of a hard surface crust in the top 1 to 10 mm of bare cultivated soils. Caused by heavy rainfall on exposed bare land, the surface structure of the soil breaks down under the continual

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National Beanpole Week

National Beanpole Week, 21st to 26th April 2012.
Run by the Small Woods Association, this is an annual event which was first held in 2008, and celebrates Britain’s traditionally managed coppiced woodlands.

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An Organic Guide for Beginners [Paperback]

allotment gardening book

Allotment Gardening is a practical guide to growing your own fruit and vegetables organically. Aimed at those who have not had an allotment before, or are new to growing their own, it is packed with advice -from choosing and planning

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Allotments Under Threat

The government is carrying out a wide ranging review of local authorities statutory duties. One of these duties is to provide land for the use of allotments, if there is sufficient call from local people.   As we all know

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Diary-March 2011

What a month! Never know a March so warm and dry, hardly any rain what so ever.The day time temperature has been in the middle to high teens most days (a lot higher in the sunshine), although we had some

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The gardening year so far

Either through the cold weather, rain soaked ground or just lack of enthusiasm, the first two months of the year are usually none events with regards to gardening in my neck of the woods. On the odd fine days, essential

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