Vegetable Gardening in October | Allotment Gardening

October in The Veg Plot

Harvest or protect  crops that may be susceptible to frost.
Clear away any remaining summer crop debris and place on the compost heap, the larger the quantity, the better as this helps the heap to warm up and accelerate the rotting process.

Vegetable Garden
Start winter digging on clay soils before it becomes too wet and heavy to work. Leaving the are rough dug will allow the winter frosts to breck it down for you.

Sow early Broad Beans, once germinated these will grow slowly, and produce robust plants ready to spring in to life as the weather warms up in spring.

Plant Spring Cabbage, Garlic, Autumn and Japanese Onion set.

Make any repairs that are needed for the greenhouse to stand the riggers of the winter weather.

Thoroughly clean the inside to remove any pests and disease that may have accumulated over the growing season.

Sow winter Lettuce and hardy salad leaves in small batches, grown in pots or trays.

Prune out old growth from Blackberries and Hybrid berries, tie the new growth to their supports.

Plant out any new trees,bushes or canes when they arrive.

Stocks of Gooseberry, Red, White and Blackcurrant bushes can be increased by taking hard wood cuttings.


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