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November in the Veg Plot

Although the days are shorter and colder, and working in the vegetable garden may have lost some of the appeal that it had in summer, any work carried out on the veg plot in November will save twice as much when spring arrives.

Vegetable Garden
Weeds will continue to slowly grow for most of the year, so clearing these now will stop them from getting a head start in spring.

Winter digging needs to be completed as soon as possible to allow the land to settle over winter. This is especially true where brassicas will be planted next year as these like the ground really firm.

Secure covers over compost heaps/bins, although the material needs to be damp winter rain and snow will saturate the it and slow the rotting process down.

Plan the crop rotation for next year. Planting one group of vegetables in the same ground year after year increases the risk of a buld up if disease.
See how this can be done on-line on the vegetable planner page.

sow winter salad crops, at regular intervals.
As the plants become more mature keep the crop clean of any older yellowing leaves, the cooler, damp atmosphere encourages fungal disease.

Ventilate the greenhouse at every opportunity, good air flow is essential for good crops.

Clean the greenhouse glass inside and out, light levels can be drastically reduced in a dirty greenhouse, resulting in weak and drawn seedlings.

Propagate Rhubarb crowns by lifting and dividing in to smaller pieces, planting at the same depth in their new position.

Apples and pears can be winter pruned once the leaves have fallen, the same goes for gooseberries and currents.

Top dress around soft fruit bushes with well rotted organic matter such as garden compost.

Prepare the ground for any new fruit bushes or trees, and plant out whilst the soil is still relatively warm and workable.


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