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National Vegetable SocietyThe National Vegetable Society, NVS
The National Vegetable Society NVS is a charity dedicated to advancing
the culture, study and improvement of vegetables offering help and advice
to novice and expert grower alike.

The National Vegetable Society was formed on 26th February 1960 with the aim of helping kitchen gardeners in the growing of their vegetables. The society registered as a charity in 2001 and is now the premier organisation for vegetable growers in the UK.

The society is currently organised into five regional branches, each covering its own area of the country. Associated with these branches are local District Associations, also known as DAs, who hold local meetings, usually monthly, to talk about growing vegetables.

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National Society of Allotment and Leisure GardenersNational Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Ltd.
The Society is owned, managed and funded by its members to protect, promote and preserve allotments for future generations to enjoy.  Members can also have their say at our Annual General Meeting, by appointing a member of their Society/Association to attend and vote on any motions that have been presented.

While our work is predominantly representing the allotment movement, we endeavour to provide advice and information to members whether allotment or home gardeners. Members are also entitled to participate in our discounted seed scheme, and where activities such as mutual trading or meetings take place on allotment premises both allotment holders and home gardeners can be covered by the member association taking out insurance through our scheme.

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Britain’s gardening charity, the Royal Horticultural Society, has a long and interesting history dating from 1804. Founded under the title The Horticultural Society of London, by Sir Joseph Banks and John Wedgwood, its aim was to collect plant information and encourage the improvement of horticultural practice.  The RHS is responsible for organising the world-class flower shows at Chelsea, Hampton Court Palace and Tatton Park, as well as regional and seasonal shows in Cardiff and at the Society’s halls in London and at Wisley.

Jointly with the Three Counties Agricultural Society, we help to organise the Malvern Spring Gardening Show and contribute to the Malvern Autumn Show. We are also the key horticultural contributor for BBC Gardeners’ World Live.
RHS shows deliver horticultural excellence and attract more than 600,000 visitors each year.

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