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My Allotment the Ugly Bits

What every allotment gardener knows, or soon learns, is that what some people class as rubbish can quite often have a second or third use by an imaginative allotmenteer.
Over the years I’ve put this idea to great use and collected a vast array of materials, some more useful than others.

There is a fine line between neatly storing the reusable ‘stuff’ out of sight and creating a junk heap. I may have crossed that line in this area of the allotment.
As pictures can replace a lot of words, here’s a look at the ‘not often seen’ part of the garden (the messy bits).

April-2013-the-ugly-bits-11This regal structure was christened ‘The Soweto Hilton’ when built, totally out of reclaimed materials I might add.

It’s sole purpose, to house yet more Junk really useful items.

I think it’s time for me to stop collecting recyclable materials and let someone else have the problem of storing it make use of it.


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