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How To Make Garden Netting

jute-twine-stringMaking your own Pea and Bean support netting is remarkably simple and quick to do.

Depending how large the net links are, a surprising amount of netting can be made from one ball of string.  Saving money with very little time or effort.

If the netting is made of a material such as Jute  (the brown/green hairy garden string) at the end of the season there is no need to untangle the plant material to put on the compost heap, the whole lot can be composted.

pea-nettingI’ve used home made netting as support for many crops, greenhouse cucumbers and melons especially love grabbing hold of the rough string.

Outside, used as Pea and Bean support, the Jute/string lasts all season, and once made into netting is strong enough to hold even the largest veg plants.


The video below shows exactly how to make some support netting.
(Try to ignore the gentleman’s enthusiasm for his knife.)



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