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Local-veg-showshow-exhibitLocal horticultural shows have been on the decline for many years in some areas, and even with the revived popularity of  ‘Growing Your Own’  lots of gardeners seem reluctant to venture near, which is such a pity.

If you’ve never been to a local horticultural show I think that you would be pleasantly surprised at the welcoming, friendly atmosphere that such an event produces.

These events are quite informal, and no one looks down on the ‘new to gardening’ type of question, quite the reverse. Like minded gardening enthusiasts are always willing to pass on their own techniques to get the best out of growing veg.

The very least you will get from visiting a show is a chance to view veg harvested at its prime, giving you inspiration and a quality to aim for, but I suspect you’ll get much more.

One comment that is often heared at these types of show is “well I’ve grown some better than that”, and I doubt there are many veg gardeners who have not walked around a show and thought the same.

This has inspired many a gardener to join in the fun of exhibiting at shows, and is a major reason that local shows are staged, to encourage and promote interest in the art of ‘growing Your Own’.

If your visit wets your appetite to take the plunge and join in the enjoyment of being an exhibitor the R.H.S has some great advice for newcomers.

Top Tips for Local Shows from the R.H.S

RHS show handbookThe R.H.S provide invaluable information about exhibiting your produce in their Horticultural Show Handbook


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