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How To Grow


Not a vegetable crop for the inpatient gardener, to get any thing near a decent crop it takes 2yrs of growing.


An increaseingly popular plant to grow, and all the effort is worth it to see the large dark fruits at the end.


A very popular veg with home growers, its relatively easy to grow and can be harvested when its young and tender.

Broad Beans

With a minimum of effort by the grower, plants will yield a substantial harvest from the end of May to early October.


An easy and rewarding member of the cabbage family, that comes in three main types, purple, white or green (Calabrese).

Brussels Sprouts

It is possible to pick sprouts seven months of the year. Early varieties in September and finishing up in March.


By choosing the right varieties and staggered sowing, its quite possible to have cabbage ready to harvest nearly all year round.


Fresh homegrown carrots have a flavour and sweetness like none others. Easy to grow, with simple ground preparation.


A very rewarding veg. To produce large white heads the plant requires some T.L.C. The home grown flavour and taste is worth it.

Courgette & Marrow

A quite satisfying veg to grow, and with a little care will produce an abundant crop in most seasons.


Cucumbers can be quite temperamental to grow from seed, they need warmth to germinate and careful watering.


The backbone of many meals. A simple versatile crop to grow and care for in most soils or situations.