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Gardening Poetry

gardening-poetry This is a guest post from Kate Williams, who is a many-times published poet.
Now specialising in garden poetry, which she reads to gardening clubs around the country.

The two gardening poems below are just a small selection from Kate’s website, Kate Williams Poetry


Our Allotment

We don’t get a lot on our allotment,
except for a lot of fat slugs.

They eat such a lot their brains must rot –
a lot of fat slugs on drugs.

No, we don’t get a lot on our allotment,
but we sit, sipping tea from our mugs,

and if anything grows in the desolate rows,
we stifle its life with our hugs.

Kate Williams



Suddenly it’s bean time!
Yes, we’ve got beans!
Fresh beans, green beans,
long, wiggly, lean beans,
handfuls, pocketfuls, bags, bowls, tureenfuls…

Beans for lunch and beans for tea,
beans for nibbles in between,
beans  for brunch – and midnight munch –
more beans than you have ever seen!

Beans for neighbours, colleagues, friends,
and more ready to pick at weekends!
Beans for the freezer – squeeze a few more
into the drawer till you can’t shut the door!

Beans for November, December, next year,
for springtime, next summer –
when more will appear,
yes, more beans, galore beans, bore beans – oh dear!
How about sprouts for a change of scene?

Kate Williams


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