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Garden Magazines

Whether its for general gardening information, a solution to a particular problem or the inspiration to try some thing new, gardening magazines are a great aid to gardeners in the pursuit of their pleasure.

Listed below are some of the more popular magazines that I’ve subscribed to over the years, with my own thoughts on what they have to offer. All are very informative, whether your just starting out or your an old hand.
Most regulary have free gifts taped to the front cover in the form of seeds, this helps off set the cost of the magazine.
To make further savings consider taking out a subscription, the savings can be huge compared to the cover price.

Amateur Gardening Magazine

Amateur Gardening

A glossy weekly general gardening magazine, Amateur Gardening boasts some of the most well known names in gardening contributing to its pages,including Anne Swithinbank, Peter Seabrook and Bob Flowerdew. Has a good mixture of articles for those new to gardening as well as the more experienced. On average I would say that its content is split 50-50 between growing flowers and vegetable/fruit.
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Garden News Magazine

Garden News

Very different from the rest of the magazines listed, as Garden News is in the style/format of a news paper, to me it has the feel of a down to earth general gardening publication. This earthiness does not detract from the quality of the content, in fact it adds to its appeal. Has a good classified ads section to find the smaller specialist suppliers and it has a good mix of articles on flowers, fruit and veg.
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Gardeners World Magazine

Gardener’s World

A very glossy magazine, its popularity no doubt due to the TV program its associated with. Has very in depth articles, that cover a wide scope in gardening. Can be a little heavy on the full page pictures to pad its pages, and is slightly more biased towards the flower boarder than the veg plot. The familiar personalities of TV and radio who contribute to its content offer a wealth of information and tips.
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Grow Your Own Magazine

Grow Your Own

This magazine is dedicated to growing fruit and veg as well as telling you some of the secrets of a country kitchen. A good over view of many subjects and deeper articles on featured topics each month. The recipe sections are not to every gardeners liking, but its not over done and even the most die hard veg grower will learn something. The content is well laid out and easy to read.
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Small Holder Magazine


From an allotment gardeners point of view, this is how the bigger boys do it. Much of the content of SmallHolder magazine is at first glance irrelevant to the average allotment holder, but on deeper inspection a lot of what is covered each month can be scaled down and used to great effect. The classified section is useful to source tools and small machinery that are the next step up from DIY quality.
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Garden Answers Magazine

Garden Answers

The magazines content is mainly written in a Question and Answer format, covering a diverse range of gardening topics. The Q&A style allows the gardening writers to give quite in depth explanation to specific problems its readers ask. The content is aimed at all levels of gardening experience and relevant to the particular stage in the growing season.
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Kitchen Garden Magazine

Kitchen Garden

A monthly magazine for gardeners who grow their own fruit and vegetables whether this is on the allotment, vegetable patch or simply with a few pots on the patio. provides good timely tips, along side detailed articles on a wide range of subjects. catering for the absolute novice to the aspiring show bench grower, the information is easy to follow and enjoyable to read.
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