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Forest Gardening with Robert Hart DVD

Forest Gardening with Robert Hart DVD

This classic DVD contains archive footage of Robert Hart, the founder of Forest Gardening, who some forty-five years ago had a vision of planting a small food-producing forest, which could fulfill the needs of a healthy diet and at the same time create a beautiful and ecologically sound environment. He based his ideas on tropical forest gardens, which combine maximum output with minimum labour. Having explored Robert’s practical and philosophical ideas, this film goes on to look at two other projects inspired by the principles of forest gardening and perennial vegetable-growing.On a windy plot in Cornwall, Kern Fern set up Plants for a Future, growing 1,500 species of useful perennial plants, with a further 5,500 on a database. Ken’s idea is to create a garden which caters for all our needs, and above all, a garden which can be enjoyed. And a few miles north of London, Mike and Julia Guerra have created a tiny garden as an inspiration to anyone wishing to ‘act (more…)


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