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Diary – May 2011

Allotment DiaryThe hot dry weather continues, it’s an absolute pleasure to be gardening in shirt sleeves this early in the season. Night time frosts were forecast as a possibility in the first week, so the early potatoes were covered with straw to help protect them.
This is something that is usually done as soon as they pop their heads out of the ground, but the weather has been so settled it was doubtful whether it would be necessary.

Planting of the earlyer sown brassicas continues, I’m having to puddle the young plants in, just so the survive the dry conditions. (Puddling In,- fill planting hole with water, before transplanting the young plant.)

The second half of the month was all about planting the greenhouse up. Aubergines and Peppers were planted in old buckets, and I remembered to put in the suporing cains at the start, a lot easyer than leaveing it untill the plants are realy desperate for support.

Thursday 26th May, a very notable day this year, we had some real rain. The suff that  not only wets the surface of the soil, but some managed to get down to the plants roots.

Early PotatoesSweet PeppersAuberginesYoung Plants

Celery PlantsStraw used as frost protectionAllotment in early MayEarly Potatoes protected from frostGreenhouse with young plants


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