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Diary-April 2011

Allotment DiaryThis April was all about watering, the only rain that fell on the allotment was a brief (1 hour) long thunder storm on the 23rd. Great weather for getting things done on the allotment but seeds and newly planted veg really struggled to get started.
Week One
strawberriesOnion sets that were started off in cells last month were planted out. Seedlings pricked out in to module cells of the seeds sow last month. these are growing quite rapidly due to the really warm weather.
The Strawberries are growing beautifully despite the lack or rain.
Week Two
RaspberriesSeeds sow of sweetcorn, lettuce and some more spring onions. The greenhouse temperature during the day is really high, this is bringing on the seedlings super fast, but its difficult to keep the adequately watered.
The raspberries are growing nicely, these want thinning out to allow some air and light to the center of the row.
Week Three
water_buttsThe water butts are now completely empty, so they had a good clean out and were repositioned.
The twenty third day of April and we have just had the first rain since the beginning of march. not much though, one thunder storm for an hour.
Week Four
Early PotatoesPotting up into 3inch pots of the peppers,aubergines and celery from there module trays. Still struggling to keep on top of the watering of the pots and trays, weather still very sunny and warm.
The early potatoes made an appearance, and are growing well.

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