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Chitting Seed Potatoes

chitted potatoes

Seed Potatoes.

These are the tuberous growths on the roots of the potato plant. Grown in disease free conditions and harvested before maturity. Stored in a controlled environment until conditions are right for planting the following season.


Chitting Seed potatoes.

This is a method of starting the small seed potatoes into growth before out door conditions are favourable for planting.
By placing the potato tubers in shallow boxes or trays, in a light but cool place,small green shoots are encouraged to grow from the eyes of the potato.


The Benefits of Chitting Seed Potatoes.

Chitting gives the potato tuber a few extra weeks of initial growth, potentially giving an earlier crop. This is very noticeable and welcome in the early varieties of potatoes, given the eagerness that the first new potatoes are sort after.

Later varieties can also benefit from the early start into growth, given that the potato is very frost tender and the growing season can be very short in the UK.


Is It Necessary To Chit Potatoes.

The short answer is no.
Seed Potatoes that have not been chitted will grow perfectly well, all be it the harvest may be a few weeks later.


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