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Allotment Shed Security

Top Tips for Allotment Security Renting an allotment opens up many exciting opportunities. It allows you to grow fresh fruits and vegetables and to be a part of a fun community effort. As wonderful as renting an allotment can be,

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Allotments Under Threat

The government is carrying out a wide ranging review of local authorities statutory duties. One of these duties is to provide land for the use of allotments, if there is sufficient call from local people.   As we all know

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6 Basic Rules For Better Vegetables

1 Early Digging If you intend to sow or plant in spring, the time to start digging is late Autumn or early winter, when the soil is not overly wet and sticky. Choose a spade that is the right size

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Ever Wondered What Happens Inside a Compost bin?

If you have ever wondered what actually makes garden waste in to usable compost, this video will go some way to explain it.

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Support Your Local Horticultural Show

Local horticultural shows have been on the decline for many years in some areas, and even with the revived popularity of  ‘Growing Your Own’  lots of gardeners seem reluctant to venture near, which is such a pity. If you’ve never

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Plant New Potatoes for Christmas Dinner

new potatoes for christmas

New Potatoes for Christmas Dinner. The old trick was to try and store a few tubers of the first early varieties planted out in spring. This often resulted in very varying results. But now the seed potato suppliers store them