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November in the Veg Plot

Although the days are shorter and colder, and working in the vegetable garden may have lost some of the appeal that it had in summer, any work carried out on the veg plot in November will save twice as much

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October in The Veg Plot

Harvest or protect  crops that may be susceptible to frost. Clear away any remaining summer crop debris and place on the compost heap, the larger the quantity, the better as this helps the heap to warm up and accelerate the

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September in the Veg Plot

Vegetable growth slows down quite markedly this month as the nights draw in and get colder, but there’s still lots of jobs that need to be taken care of on the allotment. As the summer harvests come to an end

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August in the veg plot

Allotments in August are just about at their maximum production, and harvesting can at times be a full time job. This month is also a good time to take stock of where things are planted and start to make plans

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Plant New Potatoes for Christmas Dinner

new potatoes for christmas

New Potatoes for Christmas Dinner. The old trick was to try and store a few tubers of the first early varieties planted out in spring. This often resulted in very varying results. But now the seed potato suppliers store them

July in the veg plot

allotment diary 2010

The vegetable garden will be in full production and crops will need regular picking over to sustain the continued production of fresh young produce. Leaving vegetables to get to their maximum size is counter productive, as this slows down their

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