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Allotments Under Threat

Your Allotment Needs YouThe government is carrying out a wide ranging review of local authorities statutory duties. One of these duties is to provide land for the use of allotments, if there is sufficient call from local people.


As we all know some local authorities have a very unique way of interpreting their obligations to people, so the removal of any law that demands they should provide adequate provision of land for allotments can only be seen as a step in the wrong direction.

The National Society of Allotment & Lesure Gardeners have posted an extract from the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908 Section 23, which this government review could affect.

Duty of certain councils to provide allotments.

(1) If the council of any borough, urban district, or parish are of opinion that there is a demand for allotments . . . in the borough, urban district, or parish, . . . the council shall provide a sufficient number of allotments, and shall let such allotments to persons . . . resident in the borough, district, or parish, and desiring to take the same.

(2) On a representation in writing to the council of any borough, urban district, or parish, by any six registered parliamentary electors or persons who are liable to pay an amount in respect of council tax resident in the borough, urban district, or parish, that the circumstances of the borough, urban district, or parish are such that it is the duty of the council to take proceedings under this Part of this Act therein, the council shall take such representation into consideration.

This piece of legislation is intended to ensure that Local Authorities provide sufficient number of allotments for those in their area that want one.

What you need to do next
Have your say, the government provides a simple web form so you can voice your concern, so don’t be shy!
Have your say on the webform
To save you some time use the modle answers Kindly provided by Hollin Lane Allotments

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Review of statutory duties placed on local government

Down load. Review of statutory duties – DCLG owned (7 March 2011) (MS Exel 199kb)

HTML version. Review of statutory duties,  (view in browser, Google Docs)
Scroll down to line 137.


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