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Top Tips for Allotment Security

Shed PadlockRenting an allotment opens up many exciting opportunities. It allows you to grow fresh fruits and vegetables and to be a part of a fun community effort. As wonderful as renting an allotment can be, there are problems that may arise. Allotment security is an important issue. Instances of theft and vandalism are relatively rare, but they do happen from time to time and the frequency is sadly increasing. Thieves and vandals are less likely to tamper with your allotment when you put certain security measures in place. Look below to discover a few of the top tips for allotment security.

Be Vigilant about Reporting Trouble
When thieves and vandals realise that no one is reporting their misbehaviour, they are more likely to keep at it. You should take the time to report every last instance to the police. Even if it only involves the theft of a few tomatoes or the trampling of a single plant, you should make a report. The police and local council are more likely to act when they receive multiple reports about trouble at an allotment.

Befriend your Neighbours

Upon setting up your allotment, make sure to get acquainted with your neighbours. Developing friendships with those around you will help to foster a spirit of community. If a neighbour notices suspicious activity, they are more likely to tell you about it when they know you. Furthermore, vandals and thieves are less likely to strike when they know that people are watching out for one another.

Set Up an Allotment Watch Scheme
It does not require a lot of effort to set up an allotment watch scheme. Make sure that all plot holders are involved. The police and the local council should be too. Create signs and post them around the area. This can be a great deterrent to those who have mischief on their minds.

Build a Strong Garden Shed

Your plants may not be the only target of thieves and vandals. If you would like to keep tools and equipment on your allotment, it is critical to have a high-quality garden shed. There are many ways to enhance the security of garden sheds. Its door is one of the most important components. Make sure that its clasps and hinges are exceptionally secure. Back plates and threaded coach bolts should be used to prevent break-ins. If you must use a window, protect it with bars or steel mesh. Secure the door of the shed with a closed shackle padlock. You might even want to consider buying a battery-operated alarm. The presence of such an alarm maybe enough to put off the opportunistic thief

Protect Your Equipment
Even if you have built a secure shed a further deterrent is to chain everything together when you are not present. Thieves are more likely to move on to different targets when you make things difficult for them. Run a large, heavy chain around your tools and equipment. Secure everything to a large, cement block. This solution is not perfect, but it should help. By keeping these measures in mind, you will have an easier time keeping your allotment secure.


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